Auto Brokering Service

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, let us help you find it. Our brokering service ensures you get the car you want, at the right price, without the hassle. If the vehicle we find you is located at a dealership, we negotiate on your behalf and assist in transporting the vehicle. In this scenario, we don’t even charge a fee. Yes, you read that right, no charge. Why? Well, we believe in first providing value to our customers and building their trust and through this methodology we’ve seen our business grow.


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Auto Brokering Steps

How It Works

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    Fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you to schedule a phone call. During the call we'll go over what you are looking for and your desired preferences/specs.

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    Search Process

    Once we identify the type of car you want and specs, our search begins. If we find a vehicle we think you'll like, we'll send you the details, costs, and a CarFax report. We also schedule a screen share meeting to go over the vehicles we send. This usually helps us narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

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    Purchasing The Vehicle

    If the vehicle is sourced from auction or a lease return from the manufacture, we purchase the vehicle and arrange for it to be transported to us. If the vehicle is at a different dealership, we assist in negotiating on your behalf and help arrange transport for the vehicle to be delivered to us.

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    Fee or no fee?

    If the vehicle is sourced by us and sold by us, meaning we purchased a lease return or from auction, our fee ranges depending on the price of the vehicle. It does not exceed $2,500. Even with our fee added, well be saving you money since we purchase these vehicles at a wholesale price. If the vehicle is sourced from another dealer, we help connect you with the dealer thats selling it at no charge.


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